City of Independence, Missouri

ACT WorkKeys Certifcation Program

Independence and Jackson County have been designated Missouri Certified Work Ready Communities. This means our community and many area employers recognize the value of ACT WorkKeys Certificates, and will take attainment of certificates into account when making hiring decisions. venn graphic

ACT WorkKeys is a portable, industry-recognized credential that demonstrates an individual has attained workplace skills which are required for 77% of quality jobs. Attaining an ACT WorkKey Certificate is a way for a job seeker to show that they have developed the skills employers are looking for.

There are several levels of ACT WorkKeys Certificates – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Individuals wishing to make themselves more attractive to employers for high-quality jobs can work up to the highest levels of certification through education and training.

Free training, and free testing for ACT WorkKeys Certificates, can be obtained through the local Jobs Center. High School students can find similar assistance through their School District. Visit the website for a listing of education and training resources in the Independence community.

The Missouri Job Center offers Workshops to prepare for the ACT Work Keys Assessment. to see a list of Workshops offered, or call 1 (888) 728-JOBS to schedule a workshop.

Missouri Job Center
Eastern Jackson County-Independence
Workshop Descriptions

Basic Computer Skills

Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
Using a computer competently is essential for today's job seeker. Learn the basic computer skills necessary to search and apply for jobs. This workshop includes everything from using the keyboard to accessing the internet to creating and saving files. In addition, learn to use to search for your next job.

Career Networking-Preparing for your career

Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
Learn the benefits of effective and strategic `networking' and how these interpersonal resources and contacts could lead to a new job. This workshop applies what you learn, so you will develop a plan to present yourself to networking groups, a networking source list and a list of the types of networking groups.

Re-Entry (Ex-Offenders)

Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
This workshop will give ex-offenders the tools they need to find employment, such as: resume writing tips, interviewing techniques, job leads, referrals and federal bonding information from the State of Missouri.

Career Exploration (Classroom training only)

Facilitated by the Skills Team
Customers attend an orientation presented by a Skills Team. For career center members who want to explore training in various occupations except healthcare. Also financial aid session to review FASFA and requirements for Workforce 21 Scholarship.

Interview Process

Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
Customers get practical advice on how to best showcase their skills and experience through research, practice, and preparation. Get helpful tips on how to dress and groom for an interview. Learn the different types of interviews and strategies for each.

MoneySmart Financial Literacy

Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
Youth (16-24) will discuss financial issues and perform exercises related to saving income, learning skills needed to manage finances, writing checks, balancing a checkbook, and balancing a budget. This program is an active, hands-on experience that gives individuals a chance to practice making lifestyle and budget choices that can be faced on a daily basis.


Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
An opportunity to improve math, reading, and language skills for those having difficulty achieving standard scores. Remediation is necessary for individuals that did not meet the requirements for the TABE or Workkeys assessments.

National Career Readiness-WorkKeys Assessment

Administered by the Career Readiness Executive
Instructors administer the Workkeys assessment to help identify strengths, abilities, and areas for development as well as workplace readiness. The Workkeys assessment measures cognitive abilities such as applied mathematics, workplace documents, and graphic literacy.

Online Applications

Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
Workshop will cover aspects of completing an application online, as well as formatting your resume and attaching your resume to an online application. Rules of completing online applications, creating document to assist the process, and tips on how to make the process easier will be covered in the workshop.


Facilitated by Career Readiness Executive
The overall goal of SkillUP is to assist SNAP recipients with job search assistance and short term training to secure full-time employment and reduce or eliminate food stamps. Com prepared to learn more about the SkillUP and eligibility for classroom training in high demand occupations.

Resume Preparation

Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
Find out what employers are looking for when they read a resume and cover letter. Identify and optimize all the basic components of a resume-skills and abilities, work history, and education, so that you stand out above the others

Social Media (Conducting a Job Search)

Facilitated by the Career Readiness Executive
Social Media networks can become key tools to support job seekers with their job search. Participants will learn ways to use social media to enhance their job search and understand the dangers of social networking sites.

TABE Assessment (Classroom training only)

Administered by the Career Readiness Executive
Instructors administer the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) that is designed to measure achievement of basic skills commonly taught in instructional programs.