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...IPL offers rebates to residential customers

IPL offers rebates to residential customers who purchase certain equipment that meet our standards for energy efficiency.
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Equipment rebates are offered for:

Rebates are available for existing and new single/multi family homes. Pricing shown is for equipment installed September 1, 2010 and later.

Dollar Amounts for Rebates:

  • For central air conditioners, dollar amounts range from $109 to $384
  • For heat pumps, dollar amounts range from $259 to $701
  • For heat pump water heaters, dollar amount is $300

What do I need to do to obtain a rebate? It's easy!

  1. Fill out a rebate application form listed above or call (816) 325-7485 to receive a form by mail or fax.
  2. Your new equipment must meet certain minimum efficiency standards in order to qualify. Call (816) 325-7485 or contact us by email, to make sure your equipment qualifies.
  3. Mail the completed rebate application form and a copy of your detailed receipt back to IPL.

    Independence Power & Light
    Attn: Rebate Program
    PO Box 1019
    Independence, MO 64051-0519

Once we receive your application form and receipt, you will be contacted by phone or mail as to whether a site-inspection will be necessary. Rebates will be issued in the form of an account credit that take approximately 6-8 weeks.

For more information about IPL's rebate programs call us at (816) 325-7485 or contact us by email.