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Trees and Power Lines

Storm damage is the number one cause of unscheduled power outages. Wind, ice, snow and rain-saturated ground can cause tree limbs or entire trees to come down into power lines, causing power outages.

Tree trimming and the selection of the appropriate trees when landscaping can prevent some of the outages caused by storms. Keeping tree limbs away from power lines is safer and easier than removing damaged tree limbs during a major storm and more cost effective.

  • IPL tree trimming crews work year round and are trained to deal with the potential hazards of dealing with trees near and/or in power lines.
  • IPL has a maintenance schedule to keep trees trimmed back and away from main power lines.
  • Trimming trees near the service line, which runs from the power pole to the home, is the responsibility of the property owner. IPL is available to answer questions and advise as to the best way to handle the trimming.
  • IPL crews respond quickly to safely remove trees from power lines during storms and other emergency situations.
  • IPL's Tree Trimming Staff is available to advise homeowners in the selection and placement of trees on their property. Our goal is to help homeowners avoid future problems with trees in power lines, as the trees mature.


Please direct any comments, questions, or concerns to treetrimming@indepmo.org.

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