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We offer a "Whole House" surge protector to customers...

Independence Power & Light offers a "Whole House" surge protector to residential customers, for protection against surges entering the home through electric power lines.

What is a Surge?

surge protector A "surge" is a high voltage current which can enter a home through the incoming wiring, including electrical, cable, telephone and satellite wiring. Surges can cause damage to electric equipment and appliances, sometimes making the equipment unusable.

IPL's surge protection program offers protection against surges which may enter a home through electric power lines. Other incoming wiring, such as those mentioned above, are not protected by the IPL program.

Causes of Surges

  • Lightning
  • Tree limbs hitting power lines
  • Start/Stop switching of large electrical load equipment (not necessarily in the same building)

Surge Protection from IPL

IPL installs a surge protection device, behind the outside electric meter, leasing it to the homeowner on a monthly basis. The device detects surges and redirects them to ground. The surge protector does not interfere in any way with the power being supplied to the home or with the metering of the home's electricity usage.

The IPL surge protector only protects against surges through the meter. Equipment connected to other wiring such as cable or telephone, should also be protected with a quality "point-of-use" surge protector, which plugs into the power outlet. These products are sold in local retail stores. Surge protectors do not protect your home from lighting strikes or near strikes and damages that may occur. 

Costs for Surge Protection

Residential Surge Protection:
$4.95 per month added to your City of Independence Utilities Bill


IPL's surge protection program comes with a warranty of up to $5,000 coverage for damage to appliances and other equipment caused by a power surge entering from electric distribution lines.

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