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Bury your Power Lines!


Electric Service:

Overhead vs Underground
Independence Power & Light (IPL) manages an electric distribution system that is 99.9% reliable. However, bad weather can cause trees to fall on overhead electric lines causing power outages. During a major storm, outages can last a week or more before IPL can restore power to all affected homes.

One way homeowners with overhead electric service can reduce the frequency and length of power outages caused by bad weather is to bury the electric lines running from the pole to the house. These lines are the most vulnerable to being knocked to the ground during storms.

"Out of Sight" Underground Program

IPL works with homeowners to bury the electric line from the pole to the house. The "Out of Sight" Underground Program helps to enhance the aesthetics of residential property as well as to reduce the likelihood of power outages due to storms.

IPL offers homeowners two options for burying the electric service line.

Option 1

One option splits the work and cost between the homeowner and IPL. The homeowner is responsible for trenching and installing conduit from the pole to the house. IPL will provide the information needed to accomplish this task.

After the conduit is installed, IPL will pull wire through the conduit and connect electric service. In some cases, it may be necessary for the homeowner to change the size or location of the incoming electric service at the meter.

IPL will not charge homeowners customary fees associated with removing the existing overhead service and connecting the new underground service. Most electric utilities charge for such services.

Option 2

A second option available to qualifying homeowners is to contract with IPL to trench and install conduit, and pay IPL for the work either up front or through monthly charges on the City utility bill.

IPL costs for trenching (or boring if required):

Service Length Trench Bore
Less than 50 feet $516 $626
50 to 100 feet $633 $834
More than 100 feet $750 $1,043
Prices effective January, 2018. Subject to change.

Qualifying homeowners may choose a monthly payment option to reimburse IPL based on the costs shown above. Monthly payment options are offered in annual increments of up to five years.

Getting Started

  • Homeowners interested in having their electric service placed underground should first call IPL at (816) 325-7565 to speak to an underground service representative.
  • If desired, a representative will visit your residence and explain what needs to be done to have the service placed underground.

For additional information or questions, please call (816) 325-7565 or email us.