Power & Light

Critical Care Program . . helps us better to serve our customers

IPL's Critical Care Program helps us to better serve our customers that need to use electricity-powered medical equipment.

IPL notifies Critical Care Customers in advance when outages are scheduled for maintenance and repair of utility equipment. During unexpected outages, Critical Care customers can expect priority in power restoration, only after IPL has restored power to main lines and equipment.

To be eligible for the Critical Care program, customers must submit an application form, with a medical doctor's recommendation and signature, to IPL.  The program does not guarantee continuous service, but it does prioritize power restoration.  We recommend you have a back-up power source for your equipment in the event of a power outage.

Please print the form, fill out the upper portion of the form, and have your physician fill out and sign the bottom half of the form. Mail the form to:

Independence Power & Light

Critical Care Program
P.O. Box 1019
Independence, MO 64051-0519

IPL will notify you by mail if you qualify for the Critical Care program. Critical Care customers will receive a renewal application once a year, which must be completed and returned to IPL within 30 days of the postmark.

IPL's Critical Care Program does not guarantee continuous electrical service!

Customers requiring continuous electrical service should make arrangements for backup electrical service, in the case of unexpected outages.

For more information about the Critical Care Program, call (816) 325-7930 or contact us by email.