Police Department

Drug Tips For Parents

You should be concerned if you notice the following:

  • a change in friends;
  • grades in school are dropping;
  • discipline problem in school,
  • behavioral changes such as being irritable, forgetful, loss of interest in school functions, secretive;
  • music that talks about drugs, murder, suicide, satanism;
  • stealing things from home or stores (the items are not used for personal use but are traded or sold to other kids for money;
  • motor skills, speech or eyes that do not appear normal;
  • strange odor on their clothes;
  • defends use of drugs or become apprehensive when drugs are discussed in conversation.

Start spending a lot of personal time on a daily basis with your child. Do a lot of assorted activities with them. Be observant, objective and listen. Show them a lot of love and attention. The more time you spend with someone the more you get to know them.

If you need help, contact the Police Community Service Unit at (816) 325-7874, Narcotics Unit at (816) 325-7278 or your child's school counselor.