Police Department

Citizen's Police Academy Application

Your application must be completed fully and submitted to the Police Department. You will be notified if you are selected to participate. The classes are limited to 25 positions and will be afforded in the order we receive completed applications from qualified candidates.

(zip example: 12345 or 12345-1234)
(ex: (999) 999-9999, or 999 999-9999 x9 (1 to 5 digit extension))
(ex: joe@mail.com | joe@domain.info | joe.cool@mail.com | joe-c@mail.com)

(zip example: 12345 or 12345-1234)
A criminal history check will be conducted for each applicant before they can be accepted into the academy.
Applicants cannot have had any felony convictions, DWIs, nor Drug convictions in the last five years.
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