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Image having someone walk up to you while you are sitting in your car obeying a traffic signal, thrusting a gun in your face, and taking your car from you. Or having your vehicle stolen while you are parked, (even in your own driveway), or getting gas. This is the new crime called carjacking.

It can happen anywhere, not just in traditional "high crime" neighborhoods, and it is just as likely to occur during the daylight as it is after dark.

How You Can Avoid Being Carjacked

  • As with vehicle safety, do not leave your keys in your car, even for a moment.
  • Lock your car and keep the windows up. Always!
  • Do not put identification tags on your keys.
  • Do not keep an extra set of keys anywhere in the vehicle.
  • If threatened by a carjacker with a gun or other weapon, give up your car. Do not argue. Your life is worth more than your vehicle.
  • Get away from the area as quickly as possible.
  • Try to remember what the carjacker looked like: sex, race, age, hair, eye color and any special features. What kind of clothes were they wearing?
  • Report the crime immediately to the police.

If your are bumped by another car, look around before getting out, or do not get out. Look to see who is in the vehicle that rear-ended you. If the person approaches your vehicle, only roll your window down enough to exchange information. If the situation makes you uneasy, memorize or jot down the vehicle's license number and description. Signal the other car to follow you. Drive to the nearest police station or to a busy, well-lit area. If you do get out of your car, take your keys and purse or wallet with you and stay alert.