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Attempts to Identify: March 2017

Attempts to Identify: March 2017


ATI - Theft

Location: Target, 17810 E. 39th Street

Report Number: 2017-18744

Suspect 1: W/M , Mid 20's, 5'8, thin build, with blond hair, wearing a white and blue plaid shirt, blue jeans, and light brown hiking boots.
Suspect Vehicle1:
Blue Mazda 4 door with no front license plate.

Details: Suspect pictured was seen rummaging through victims' unlocked vehicle in the parking lot. Suspect left in the Blue Mazda. 

ATI - Fraud

Location: Fast Stop, 15003 E. Truman Road

Report Number: 2017-11088 and 2017-10549

Suspect 1: W/M, bald, wearing a light color pull over sweatshirt and blue jeans
Suspect 2:
W/M, blond long hair, camo zip up jacket and blue jeans
Suspect Vehicle1:
white SUV

Details: Suspects attempted to each cash a fraudulent check on the same account on two separate dates.

ATI - Property Damage - Theft Suspect

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 19677 E. Jackson Drive

Report Number: 2017-16153

Suspect: W/M 5'6' weighing about 145-160 pounds, with a goatee, numerous tattoos on his arms and neck, wearing a white T-Shirt and Jeans. 


The suspect paid for the hotel room with cash.  It is believed that an unknown W/F also accompanied the suspect to the room. 

Numerous items were taken from the hotel room that included a coffee maker and hair dryer.

Paperwork from vehicles belonging to the Villages of Jackson Creek were left in the room.

The walls in the room and the bathroom had also been damaged.Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 19677 E. Jackson Drive


ATI - Fraud - Credit Card

Location: Quik Trip, 17815 E 39th St Independence, MO

Report Number: 2017-13738

Details: Suspect used the Victim’s credit card at the gas pumps for $32.18. Suspect also attempted to use the credit card inside Quik Trip for a hot dog and cookie, but that charge was declined. Victim believes he lost his wallet in the parking lot of Centerpoint Hospital, 19600 E 39th St, Independence, MO.


ATI - Forgery

Location: Bank of the West, 4610 S. Noland Road

Report Number: 17-14235

Details: Suspect came in to the bank and attempted to cash a check for $200.00. The teller advised there was a note on the account that checks had been stolen and the account was closed. The checks were stolen out of a vehicle in Lees Summit. The suspect then received a call and on his cell phone and left the store.


ATI -  Shoplift

Location: Hobby Lobby, 4300 S Bass Pro Dr Independence, MO

Report Number: 17-15345

Details: The pictured suspect vehicle was observed on the church property and dumped trash in the parking lot.

A female and a male (pictured) came into Hobby Lobby together. The female continued into the store and the male
stayed in the foyer. The male placed a cabinet, valued at $180, into a cart and then left the store with cabinet and loaded it
into his vehicle, a white Chevy possibly Malibu style. The male went back into the store and was approached by the Manager and he ran back to his vehicle.


ATI - Illegal Dumping

Lo cation: Center Place Restoration 819 W. Waldo Ave. Independence, Mo

Report Number: 17-14445

Details: The pictured suspect vehicle was observed on the church property and dumped trash in the parking lot.


ATI - Fraud - Credit Card

Location: Wal-Mart (4000 S. Bolg er Road)

Report Number: 17-4036


A victim's vehicle was broken into, in Warrensburg Missouri on 1/17/17.

On 1/19/17, the victims debit card that was taken from the vehicle was used at Wal Mart (4000 Bolger Rd. Indep. Mo)

The pictured suspect made the purchase, in the amount of $106.48.


ATI - Fraud - Credit Card

Location: Best Buy (19110 E. 39th St)

Report Number: 17-5682

Suspect: Black or Hispanic male, facial hair, wearing glasses, a black jacket, black and white pants, white shoes, and a KC ball cap

Details: Victim advised that on 1-15-2017 they were at the Independence Center and the Blue Bird American Express Credit/Debit card was stolen or lost.The card was used on 1-15-2017 @ 1803 hours at Best Buy for the purchase of a gaming system, $369.29.

ATI - Strong Armed Robbery

Location: Nuts and Bolts (3848 S. Noland Road)

Report Number: 16-93764

Details: The pictured suspects entered the business together and appear to be looking for a specific item. Suspect 1 (left) picks up a heater located near the registers and both suspects walk out without paying. Employees attempt to stop the suspects as they are entering a white van parked in front of the business. Suspect 1 punched and kicked employees and Suspect 2 (right) drove the suspect vehicle towards an employee and bumped them in an attempt to leave. Suspects then fled the area.


ATI - Fraud - Check

Location: Central Bank of the Midwest (10801 E. 23rd Street)

Report Number: 17-4958

Details: The pictured Suspect went to the bank and cashed a stolen check in the amount of $400.00.