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Attempts To Identify: February 2017


Attempts to Identify: February 2017




  • ATI - Shoplifting Suspects
  • Location: Gordman's (13500 E. US 40 Highway)
  • Report Number: 2017-6653
  • Pictured suspects shoplifted multiple Ecko, American Fighter and Axel brand clothing items from the business. Suspects left the area in a Red Dodge Minivan that had no license plates.



  • ATI- Larceny of Services Suspect
  • Location: Best Buy (19910 E. 39th Street)
  • Report Number: 2017-10089
  • Victim advised on 02/11/2017 at 1938 hours an unknown individual (pictured above) obtained his
    AT&T account info and went to Best Buy at 19910 E. 39th St S, Independence, MO. Victim discovered the suspect had shut off his and his wife’s cell phones, changed his plan then credited his account two Apple IPhone 7 plus valued at $1900.


  • ATI- Counterfeit Money
  • Location Minit Mart (11109 E. 23rd Street)
  • Report Number: 2017-8770
  • Suspect: W/F, brown/blonde hair, wearing a black zip up jacket, and black pants. The suspect attempted to purchase two items for $4.66 and use a fake $20 bill. The clerk told her the bill was fake and the suspect handed her another fake $20 bill. The clerk refused to take the bill and the Suspect then gave her a real $20 bill to pay for the items and left the store. The clerk advised that she could see the Suspect had additional fake $20 bills in her wallet.


  • ATI - Forgery Suspect
  • Location: Arvest Bank (4340 S. Noland Road)
  • Report Number: 2016-93567
  • The pictured suspect attempted to cash a stolen check at Arvest Bank


  • ATI- Fraud Suspect
  • Location: Central Bank of the Midwest (10801 E. 23rd Street)
  • Report Number: 2017-4955
  • The pictured suspect driving a GMC SUV cashed a stolen check and presented a stolen ID
    that was taken from a Motor Vehicle in Columbia, Missouri.
    The fraudulent check cashed by the bank was in the amount $1,820.00.
  • ATI-Vandalism Suspect
  • Location QuikTrip (17815 E. 39th Street)
  • Report Number: 2016-95236
  • The pictured suspect was observed vandalizing a vehicle on store surveillance.


  • ATI - Person of Interest in Tampering case.
  • Location: Country Grocery 1001 W. Truman Rd
  • Report Number: 2017-6941
  • On 1/31/2017 about 1740 hours, a stolen vehicle was located at Country Grocery at 1001 W.
    Truman Rd. The driver of the stolen vehicle is seen exiting the vehicle and entering a white,
    4 door GMC Sierra with tinted windows.
    The driver of the GMC is then seen going into the store to purchase some products paying in cash. The driver of the GMC (pictured) is described as a w/m, 30’s to early 40’s,
    stocky build, wearing a camo hat, brown Carthart jacket, and a black shirt. He is not the
    suspect, but may have information about who stole the other vehicle.


  • ATI - Counterfeit Check Suspects
  • Location: Menards, 4101 S Little Blue Parkway
  • Report Number: 2017-5820
  • Pictured suspects passed a counterfeit check to purchase multiple items totaling $260.84


  • ATI - Shoplift Suspects
  • Location: Party City, 19850 E. Jackson Drive
  • Pictured Suspects were involved in the theft of $150.00 worth of Avengers themed merchandise. They left in a 2016 Nissan Rogue with Nebraska plates.


  • ATI - Larceny Suspect (Package Theft)
  • Location: 200 Block of W. Halliburton Court
  • Report Number: 2017-5668
  • Pictured Suspect was involved in the theft of a package of the porch of a residence.


  • ATI - Larceny from Auto / Credit Card Fraud
  • Location of Theft: Strike N Spare, 13001 E. 40 Highway
  • Location of Credit Card Fraud: Toys R Us, 13920 E. US 40 Highway
  • Pictured Suspect was involved in the theft of a credit card from a truck that was broken into in the Strike N Spare parking lot. The suspect then used the credit card at Toys R Us.


  • ATI - Burglary Suspect
  • Location: Long John Silvers, 11211 E. US 40 Hwy
  • Report Number: 2017-6441
  • Pictured Suspect burglarized the restaurant during the overnight hours. 


  • ATI - Shoplifting Suspect
  • Location: Toys R Us, 13920 E. US 40 Highway
  • Report Number: 2017-10196
  • Pictured Suspect stole three drones valued at $600 total and ran from the store. 


  • ATI - Larceny Suspect< /strong>
  • Location: Denny's, 2500 S. MO 291 Highway
  • Pictured Suspect stole two cell phones and a laptop from a table inside the restaurant.