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Independence Police Department deploys a GPS-based Pursuit Management Technology

For immediate release: October 26, 2016

Independence Police Department deploys a GPS-based Pursuit Management Technology Giving Officers an Alternative to High-speed Chases

The Independence Police Department is deploying a new technology that enables officers to reduce the number of high-speed pursuits, while keeping the community and police officers safer. The Independence Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in the KC Metro area to successfully utilize the StarChase device to apprehend fleeing suspects.

StarChase uses GPS technology to provide near real-time critical intelligence and situational awareness for law enforcement response, as well as remove the adrenaline from high-risk vehicle interdictions such as police pursuits or drugged/drink driving situations. The vehicle installed technology utilizes a compressed-air to deploy a tag onto a fleeing suspect vehicle. Once attached to the suspect’s vehicle, officers are able to utilize the technology to track the vehicle in a tactical and safe manner ending or avoiding a high-speed pursuit in order to apprehend the suspect in a planned and coordinated manner.

It is the policy of the Independence Police Department to conduct vehicle pursuits as safely as possibly, keeping the safety of the public as our highest priority; this technology helps us do that. We will continue to pursue fleeing offenders in accordance with our vehicle pursuit policy. Along, with the Opticom system, Stop Sticks, in-car GPS and other devices, the StarChase is simply another tool that we use to accomplish our mission. According to Deputy Chief Ken Jarnagin, “We’re constantly evaluating different pieces of technology in order to enhance public safety as well as hold criminals accountable for their actions in our community.”

StarChase is being used by law enforcement officers in a dozen states and has been credited with scores of successful tags, resulting in arrests without crashes or injuries. Since deploying StarChase in the last few months, we have had several successful pursuit apprehensions utilizing it. In all of these circumstances, there were no crashes and the fleeing offender was taken into custody.

Additional information about StarChase:

StarChase provides pursuit management and GPS tracking technology to public safety and government agencies worldwide. This patented force multiplying technology empowers law enforcement, mitigates risk and protects communities. When utilized for high-risk traffic situations, such as DUIs, traffic infractions, stolen vehicles, human trafficking or felony events, StarChase has resulted in zero injuries, zero deaths, no property damage and no liability. StarChase is a privately held company based in Virginia Beach, VA.