Police Department

IPD Statement regarding Stranger Danger Incident on April 19th, 2016

For Immediate Release: 04-20-16

IPD Statement regarding Stranger Danger Incident on April 19th, 2016

The Independence Police Department has investigated the alleged Stranger Danger incident that occurred yesterday afternoon (April 19th) near 28th and E. Cogan Drive, near Glendale Elementary School. Our investigation revealed that no criminal activity occurred.

According to detectives, the person who followed the children contacted the school district and police, after hearing about the incident, to tell her side of the story. She told us that she observed a small child crying while walking down the road with a few other older children. Relying on her motherly instincts and fearing that the child was being bullied and needed assistance, she asked the child if she could walk with him. The child told her yes, so she walked behind him for a short while until he met up with another child and appeared to no longer need any help.  

According to her, she had no ill intent and was only trying to help the child. It turns out that this alleged strange activity was merely a concerned mother of several children trying to help a young child who she believed needed some assistance.

While this incident turned out to be non-criminal and a misunderstanding, we still encourage everyone to remain vigilant and report activity that may be suspicious to police. We also encourage parents of young children to walk with them to and from bus stops or nearby schools and encourage them to walk in groups when they are older.