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K-9 Retirement and Career Summary

For immediate release: February 26, 2016

K-9 Retirement and Career Summary

The Independence Police Department would like to announce the retirement of an important member of the team: K-9 Dax. His last shift was February 6, 2016. Dax was born in Hungary in 2005.  He was approximately 18 months old when he started working for IPD. Dax began working the road full-time for the Independence Police Department on September 1, 2006 after successfully completing several months of training and certification with his handler, K-9 Officer Simpson.

Here are some of Dax's career statistics:

  • K-9 calls:  1937
  • K-9 apprehensions:  194
  • Building searches:  351
  • Building search finds: 57
  • Article search: 116
  • Article search finds: 56
  • Narcotic search: 906
  • Narcotic search finds: 197
  • Track/Area search: 401
  • Track/Area search finds: 94
  • Miscellaneous K-9 calls: 149
  • SWAT search warrant assists: 29
  • ?Public demonstrations: 29

Officer Simpson explained that, as shown in these numbers, one K-9 call can result in several difference types of searches. One example would be when a person flees from a vehicle leaving a drug house and possibly throws something while running away. It would be one K-9 call but may involve a track/area search, article search, and a narcotic search of the vehicle. It is also interesting to note that a K-9 apprehension is defined as when a suspect surrenders to the police dog after he or she failed to surrender to human officers.

Here are some of Dax's career highlights:

  • After Dax alerted to the odor of narcotics in a vehicle but nothing was found, a search warrant was obtained for the residence where Dax located 3.75 pounds of powder cocaine in a safe.  It was an ongoing investigation at the time.
  • During a search of a vehicle, Dax located 15 pounds of narcotics in a hidden compartment.
  • Dax located five firearms in the last 18 months during article searches. The areas where the guns were found varied from leaf piles to rocks and bushes. The firearms were connected to different types of crimes including aggravated assaults and a homicide investigation. One of the firearms was located by Dax even after it could not be found by human personnel for three weeks.

Officer Simpson said, “I would like to thank all of my fellow officers for helping to make Dax's career so successful by calling for us to give us the work, setting good perimeters and not contaminating the search areas.” “Dax has big retirement plans and is going to take a much needed, deserved but very unwanted break and live out his elder years with me and the rest of his family at home” said Officer Simpson.

Officer Simpson said that Dax retired because of his age.  He had a little over 9 years of service to the citizens of Independence but even during his last few weeks of service, he was still finding suspects and pieces of evidence. He had a very long career, in part, because one of the younger K-9s had to retire early due to health reasons which pushed Dax’s retirement back.  Once that new dog’s replacement began working the streets, Dax was only utilized if the other dogs were not available.  

Officer Simpson explained that, “Basically with older police dogs, the mind is willing but the body is not always able.”  Officer Simpson continues to serve as a K-9 handler with a new partner.