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Free Crime Mapping Program for the Public

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For immediate release: 1-22-14

Free Crime Mapping Program for the Public

The Independence Police Department has recently partnered with BAIR Analytics using Raidsonline to provide crime reporting information to the public. The website allows users to search an interactive map during specific time periods to view reported crimes. Different types of reports are indicated by different icons which, when clicked on, show the police report number, crime classification, location type, date & time, and hundred-block of the street address.

Users may also view reported crimes on a density map along with various graphing options and mapping layers. The program works great for neighborhood watch groups allowing users to generate scheduled notification reports that are sent to them by email. In addition to crime reporting information, Raidsonline allows users to submit anonymous tips to the police department on reported crimes.

We want everyone to have the ability to view transparent and accurate crime data in our city. We also want to stress that the information available on the site is only as good as the information reported to us. If citizens do not report crime, we don’t know about it and it won’t appear on the website. This website is completely free to the public and there is also a free app for smart phones and mobile devices.

Raidsonline: www.raidsonline.com

A tutorial created for Independence is available here: http://youtu.be/6Ny67I7e1VA