Police Department

Suspect arrested for sex offenses


 For immediate release:  March 26, 2014

 Suspect arrested for sex offenses involving children:additional victims may exist.

 Chester R. Oberg Jr. (aka“Roger”), 58 years old, of Smithville, MO has been arrested and charged with the following offenses:

 Statutory Rape: 1st Degree

Child Molestation: 1st Degree

Statutory Sodomy: 1st Degree (Four Counts)

 These charges stemmed from offenses dating back to 2005 in Independence.  Mr. Oberg is currently in custody on similar charges, involving a different victim and case in Kansas City, MO.  It is believed that these may not be the only incidents involving Mr. Oberg and additional victims have not yet been identified.  The police department is asking for assistance in identifying any other potential victims in incidents that occurred in the KC metro area. Anyone with this information should call Independence Police Department Investigations unit at (816) 325-7330.