Police Department

Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention

Know the Facts

  • Two out of three sex crimes involve alcohol, and two out of three occur after dark.
  • Most offenders know their victims. A majority of offenses happen in the victim's home or in a friends's home.
  • Victims are not responsible for the crimes, offenders are.
  • Offenders are motivated by anger, a sense of powerlessness, or control problems. They seek someone to dominate and punish. These are violent crimes, not expressions of sexuality.
  • Offenders seek out victims who are isolated, not paying attention, or otherwise vulnerable. They may try to bribe, trick, or lure victims into an unsafe situation, may encourage the target to use alcohol or other drugs to diminish their ability to think clearly, or may use threats or force.

Safety Precautions

  • Don't walk alone, especially after dark.
  • Identify safe havens near where you live, work or recreate.
  • Pay careful attention to your surroundings. If you are in a threatening or uncomfortable environment, leave.
  • Asset yourself - speak up if you are victimized. Offenders won't stop until you do.
  • Keep pepper-spray in your hand; it won't help you if it's in your purse.
  • Learn self-defense measures from local resources such as martial arts schools.

Survival/Escape Options
Running or keeping your distance is always best. Yelling no and yelling for help when there are others within hearing range can help, but it's best if you yell out exactly what is happening. There is not correct response for every situation. Surprising the offender may give you an opportunity to escape, while in other cases negotiation may convince him to yield some concessions.