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Zoning and City Wide Information

This interactive map allows viewing of Zoning classifications, Future Land Use classifications and other useful information.

  • Just click the drop-down Layers tab on the toolbar at the top of the map to see all the information layers available. Select the layer(s) desired by clicking the check box next to the chosen layer.
  • To select a different background click the drop down box called Basemap. We recommend the Topographic basemap for easy reading or the Bing Map Hybrid for aerial photos.
  • To view information on property, (“Jackson County Parcels” layer must be turned on) left click on the map and a popup box appears. To scroll through the items of information, click on the “>” for more information. The property address and current ownership through Jackson County only appears when the map is zoomed in.
  • To pan around the map, hold the left mouse button down and drag the map in the desired direction. Use the “+” or “-“ signs on the upper left of the map or use the mouse wheel, for zooming in or out of the map.
  • The Measure tool on the toolbar allows the user to measure distance or area.
  • Search for an address by typing the address in the search box in the far right of the toolbar. Be sure to add Independence, MO after the street address to insure accuracy.
Caution should be taken when turning on several layers at once - the colors of several layers together may appear confusing. Therefore we recommend turning off layers before others are displayed, such as turning off the Zoning layer before turning on the Future Land Use layer.

Browser-Based Maps

View the Map On Your Apple, Android or Windows Device

Step 1 - Download the app

Step 2 - Click the link below

Zoning Map