Community Development
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License Surcharge Credits

Full Credit

A full credit in the amount of the License Surcharge imposed will be granted for:

  • Any property within the area targeted for redevelopment as depicted on the License Surcharge Map;
  • The development or redevelopment of a property owned by a public body for its governmental use;
  • The development or redevelopment of a property owned by a school district of the state of Missouri for its use;
  • The rebuilding of an involuntarily damaged or destroyed building, provided that the rebuilding does not result in additional vehicle trips compared to the previous use and the rebuilding or replacement occurs no later than five (5) years after the involuntarily damaged or destroyed building;
  • The development or redevelopment by an organization that is exempt from local, state and federal taxes.

It will be the applicant’s responsibility to provide the necessary documentation when requesting either a full or partial credit.

Partial Credit

A partial credit from the License Surcharge imposed will be granted for:

  • The utilization of a currently underutilized existing building or structure.
  • The change of existing uses within an existing building or structure, except that a change of use from a residential use to a non-residential use shall not be granted a credit.
  • The redevelopment of property that is subject to the use of one or more public incentive programs including, but not limited to, the Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act (sections 99.800 to 99.865 R.S.Mo.), the Urban Redevelopment Corporations Law (sections 353.010 to 353.190 R.S.Mo.), and the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority Law (sections 99.300 to 99.715 R.S.Mo.).

The partial credit will only be granted for the number of trips that were generated by the previously underutilized facility.

Contact the Community Development Department at (816) 325-7415 for additional information regarding credits.