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Weatherization Assistance ProgramWeatherization Flyer

The Home Weatherization Program is designed to assist low income* families within Jackson, Clay and Platte county limits by making energy efficiency upgrades that will assist in lowering the amount of energy used to heat their homes. Once families are income qualified they are placed on the program waiting list for conducting an energy audit. The audit will determine the items that need to be addressed to improve the energy efficiency of the home. Please note that this is not a window replacement program and that most of the activities focus on improving building performance by limiting infiltration (airleaks) and improving insulation.

There is no cost to the recipient for participating in the program. The prescribed work is identified through the audit tool. A work write-up is completed and the project is put out for bid by a qualified weatherization contractor.

Proof of ownership - provide one of the following:

  • Copy of Deed
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Title

List all household members and date of birth

Proof of income is required. Income is calculated on gross income, prior to any taxes or insurance deductions. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Paystubs
  • Social Security Award Letters
  • Pension Award Letters
  • Child support documentation

Attach a copy of your electric bill and gas bill.

Read all the Terms and Conditions on the back of the application prior to signing.

To participate and further information please contact:

Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City Weatheriziation Program

6323 Manchester Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64133
Phone  (816) 358-6868