Finance Department

Temporary Business License

This application is for a location for which you will occupy in a month to month lease or a lease for less than 7 consecutive months. Otherwise, you will need to apply for a “General Business License”.

The City of Independence does not permit or allow any type of street corner or outside sales. All business activity must be wholly conducted within a building. No business shall be conducted or operated outside a building, except for the operation of an amusement activity/carnival. This application is for business operations with a month-to-month lease or a lease for less than 7 months. To apply for a General Business License you must have a written lease for more than 7 consecutive months.

In accordance with Section 71.630.R.S.Mo., farmers and their employees, who have themselves raised or grown the agricultural products and produce, are exempt from the licensing fee provision when selling from a wagon, cart or vehicle with permission of the property owner. It is not permitted to purchase for resale.

I understand

This license is for a location inside the city limits of Independence only.