Water Department

The Source of Your Water Supply

Water splash The storm clouds that deposit rain and snow up and down the Missouri River Valley do far more than provide the needed moisture for crops and gardens. They also provide a plentiful source of clean, quality water.

There are actually two rivers in the Missouri River Valley. One is, of course, the muddy river that intersects our state. A much larger river flows underground. This underground river, or aquifer, is the source of your water supply.

The aquifer is fed by rain and snow that seeps underground and flows above underground limestone. Your water comes from this aquifer, which flows underneath the Courtney Bottoms north of Independence.

The use of this water source by the City of Independence Water Department was the result of careful planning. In 1954, a study of the area revealed that the most economical water source for the area would be the Missouri River.

However, because of the pollution in the river, more research was ordered to find a dependable underground water source. The cost of developing this source has been higher than the river source would have been, but the quality and quantity of the water in the aquifer has been well worth the investment.

In addition to being free from the contamination of the river, the water in the aquifer stays at a relatively constant temperature, between 58 and 60 degrees, throughout the year. This consistent temperature offers many advantages to both household and industrial users.