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Automated Payment Service

By enrolling in Automated Payment Service, your regularly scheduled utility bill will be paid automatically from your checking account by your bank on the day your payment is due - and it's free!

Complete and return the Automatic Bank Draft Authorization form to the City of Independence Utilities Customer Service Office at 17221 E. 23rd St S., Independence, MO 64057. For account verification, please enclose a voided check or photocopy of check on the bank or other financial institution account from which you would like future utility bills deducted.

Critical Care Program

IPL's Critical Care Program helps us to better serve our customers that need to use electricity-powered medical equipment.

IPL notifies Critical Care Customers in advance when outages are scheduled for maintenance and repair of utility equipment. During unexpected outages, Critical Care customers’ power will be restored at soon as possible once public safety hazards (power lines/poles down), hospitals and critical loads, and large area outages have been restored.

For more information, please visit the Critical Care Program page.

Revert-to-Owner for Continued Utility Service

In the event that a tenant has vacated a property, a revert-to-owner agreement will automatically revert utility service to the property owner.