Facility Rentals

Outside of Farmers' Market hours, the Independence Uptown Market is available to rent for special events.

Whether it's a wedding reception, banquet or fundraiser, this award-winning, mixed-use space -- comprised of a large, fully-enclosed pavilion and a spacious, open-air pavilion -- can accommodate up to 300 participants for events.

Combined, the indoor and outdoor pavilions provide more than 14,000 square feet of programmable space. The facility features a catering kitchen, PA/sound system and restrooms. Thanks to its large, glass garage doors, events aren't limited to a specific time of year. The space can be heated, cooled or fully open-air.

The Independence Uptown Market is available year-round, barring Farmers' Market hours. Events are permitted from the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays and 8 a.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please note: Rentals should include all required set-up and take-down time.

Reservation and Rental Fees

 Security DepositFirst 4 HoursAdditional Hours12- to 24-Hour Retnal
Friend/Family Groups, Non-Profit Groups $300 $300 $75/hour $900
For-Profit Groups $300 $400 $100/hour $1,200

Amenity Rental Fees

Kitchen The catering kitchen contains a commercial refrigerator, warming oven, three compartment sink and ice machine. $150
Sound System Available for announcements and background music. $50
Tables Available in sizes 8-feet and 5-feet. $3/each
Chairs   50 cents/each

Rental Contract

The Rental Contract must be read in its entirety, completed properly, signed by lessee, and received by City staff at the Truman Memorial Building.

Rental Times

Times specified in your rental contract are the maximum time allowed for your use of the facility. The set up and take down/cleaning time, is included in the rental time. You will not be allowed into rented area until designated times.

Going Over Rental Time

Lessee’s group must leave at designated time; if staff cannot close facility on schedule or an upcoming rental is delayed due to unauthorized extension of function, the staffing fees and any rental refunds that the City incurs will be deducted from lessee’s security deposit.


The volume of music must adhere to Noise Ordinance of City Code; Section 7.10.002. D.J. and bands must schedule adequate time to exit the facility at the end of the rental time.


All decorations must be approved by the City staff; lighting, banners, streamers, etc. No tape of any kind is allowed on any surfaces.


Use of the kitchen is included in your rental fee; warming oven, refrigerator, prep area, however, an additional security deposit is required.


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on premises without permit. Application for an alcohol permit must be submitted at time of reservation. Independence Police Department officers are required at all events with alcohol. Alcohol is not permitted during events for persons under the age of 21. Please see alcohol request form and request for off-duty officers for additional fees and information.


Staging is not provided. Lessee is responsible for obtaining required equipment at their own expense.

Facility amenity rentals

Equipment provided as a rental by the Uptown Market (such as the speaker system or kitchen) must be requested in the facility request and approved by City staff.

Insurance Requirement/h4>

Liability insurance which names the City of Independence as additionally insured is required for inflatable play structures and special events.

Clean Up

Floors must be swept and mopped. Brooms, mops, buckets are supplied.

Trash Disposal

The City of Independence will provide trash receptacles and trash bags. Lessee must carry all trash bags to dumpster.

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