Japanese Sister City Program

Japanese Garden Design

Usage/Symbolism The design of the Japanese garden is influenced by the landscape of Honshu (the main island of Japan). It is influenced by the natural plants and seasons of Japan.

Japanese gardens emphasize the spiritual and philosophical ideas in a natural setting, as opposed to the Western gardens that optimize visual appeal.

Japanese gardens are designed to bring good fortune.

Rocks, sand, and gravel may have different symbols depending on the garden. Rocks and water together represent the yin and the yang.

Other Interesting Information Originated from the Japanese religion of Shinto. It was also influenced by the Chinese philosophy of Daoism.

Water should enter from the east or southwest and flow to the west, carrying away evil.

Rocks, sand and gravel are a necessary part of the garden.

Each plant is chosen for aesthetic principles.

Research conducted by Steven Lee, BSA Troop 138

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