Japanese Sister City Program

About The Sister City Commission

Japanese girl Carp flags are flown as symbols of prosperity and promotion of life, because a carp is said to be always swimming upstream. Those involved in the Sister City Commission are in many ways like the carp, which in a town of Truman and wagon trails have brought a new culture and friendship from thousands of miles across the globe.

Overview of Higashimurayama, Japan

To the west of Tokyo there is a city very similar in size to Independence, MO. The city's past is not of wagon trains or famous presidents but in 1889 several villages merged to form Higashimurayama Village. Higashimurayama is known for the "Shofukuji" which is on the national treasure list of Japan and is a temple that is supposed to house 1000 Jizo Buddhist deities. Higashimurayama is also known for the Kitayama Iris Park where a vast landscape of flowers are grown and enjoyed.

How Does Independence Compare With Higashimurayama?

Population 116,800 151,300
Households 47,390 59,379
Area (sq. miles) 78 53
Elevation 1,050 ft. 57.4 ft.
Avg. Temp. 58.5 57.5
Coldest Month January February
Hottest Month July August
Median Household Income $28,242 $47,542
Public Schools    
Elementary 13 15
Junior High 3 7
Senior High 2 2
Private Schools    
Elementary 4 0
Junior High 4 3
Senior High 4 3
City Council Mayor
6 Council Members
24 Council Members