Public Works

Sidewalks to Parks

Project Name: Sidewalks to Parks
Location: fairmount Trails Site, Glendale Park Site, and Lee's Summit Rd. Dite


This contract provides for, but is not limited to, the construction of 8,749 SF of 4ft, 5ft, or 8ft wide concrete sidewalk; 492 SY of concrete trail; 686 SY of asphalt trail; and associated demolition; driveway, pavement, and curb and gutter repair; signage and pavement striping; grading, sodding, erosion and sediment control work; and all appurtenant work for the completion of the project. (Project No. 70110807).

Invitation to Bid

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Contractor: V.F. Anderson Builders, LLC

Notice to Proceed: 12/17/2018

Contact Person: Shar Dilmaghani, 325-7611

Last Report Date: 11/06/2018
Project Status: Construction