City of Independence, Missouri

Independence will collect Household Hazardous Waste on May 6

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get ready for the City’s 26 annual Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection. The event will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 6, in the large parking lot bordered by Walnut, Liberty, Kansas and Osage streets. Volunteers will unload vehicles. No walk-ups will be allowed.

This event is free to Independence residents. Please bring a driver’s license or recent City utility bill to verify residency.

“This is the largest collection event sponsored by any city in the region,” Municipal Services Director Lisa Reynolds said. “It is common for residents to have several hazardous products for cleaning, disinfecting, painting, and beautifying the house, garage, and yard. These products become hazardous once they cannot or will not be used for their original purpose.”

Products that will be accepted include the following: Batteries; paint and paint products (including aerosol cans); varnish; stripper; turpentine; fluorescent light bulbs; garden and yard products (herbicides, pesticides, weed killer, sprays, and rat poison); automotive fluids (antifreeze, used motor oil); household cleaners (drain, toilet, oven); kerosene; mercury thermometers; unused medicines; etc.

Products not accepted include Electronics; appliances; fire extinguishers; smoke or carbon monoxide detectors; Styrofoam; trash; yard waste; medical waste; tires; asbestos; radioactive waste; pressurized gas cylinders; or any kind of commercial or business waste.

The Independence Police Department will be onsite with certified explosive ordnance officers to collect and dispose of unwanted ammunition, explosives, firearms, fireworks, etc. Email IPD at with questions about these items.

Products that are disposed of, or stored, incorrectly can contaminate water and affect the environment.

“The health and safety of people, animals, and the environment are endangered when these products get dumped in the trash or poured down sinks or into storm drains in the street,” Reynolds said.

If you are uncertain whether a waste item will be accepted, contact Municipal Services at 816-325-7727.

Please note the following before participating in the HHW collection:

  • Tightly secure all container lids before transporting.
  • Bring in original containers if possible.
  • Please do not mix different or unknown substances.
  • Wrap leaking containers first in plastic and then pack them in a larger container or box with absorbent material, such as cat litter.
  • To pack items, use sturdy tubs or boxes and surround them with newspaper. Load items in the trunk of the car or truck bed.
  • Keep all hazardous waste away from children and pets.

Independence residents can take HHW products to the Kansas City and Lee’s Summit facilities year-round. Appointments are required and can be made by calling 816-550-1612. The fee for Independence residents at both locations is $2/pound.

  • The Kansas City facility is located at 4707 Deramus. Call 816-513-8400 for more information.
  • The Lee’s Summit facility is located at 2101 SE Hamblen Rd

For more information about the City’s HHW Disposal Program or the May 6 mobile collection, please call Municipal Services at 816-325-7727 or visit