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Swimming Programs

Swimming Lessons are offered under the Progressive Swim Program. This program is divided into numerous levels. The objective of this program is to let YOUR abilities determine how fast you will progress through the levels.  Practice and persistence are key, so let your swim lessons begin!


Fee: $50 per participant (2-week session) ($40 for season pass holders)

  • All classes are Monday – Thursday
  • Make-up lessons held on Fridays

Lesson times: 8:45 a.m., 9:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 7 p.m., and 8 p.m.


June 13 – June 23

July 11 – July 21

August 1 - August 11


Shrimp-develop comfort in & around water (Parent accompanies child in pool) (30min)

Seahorse (Level 1)-buoyancy, breath control, basic water skills (30min)

Starfish (Level 2)-unsupported floating, kicking, front crawl, back crawl (45min)

Guppy (Level 3)-elementary backstroke, kneeling dive, front crawl, back crawl (45min)

Flipper (Level 4)-sidestroke, deep water bobbing, breaststroke kick, previous strokes (45min)

Seal (Level 5)-dolphin kick, treading water, breaststroke, previous strokes (45min)

Sailfish (Level 6)-butterfly, front and back crawl flip turns, increased endurance (45min)

Barracuda (Level 7)-refine and review all strokes and turns, junior life guard skills (45min)

Junior Lifeguard (must have passed all 7 levels): Refine, review, and master all strokes in prep for becoming a lifeguard (45 min).


Be sure to check the weather line for updates on changes and cancellations! (816) 325-SWIM


UPDATE for 2022 Season - Independence residents and non-residents can sign-up for swim lessons.