Power & Light

Home Electrical Safety Information

Electrical safety is important both indoors and outdoors.

When outdoors, keep a safe distance from overhead power lines when trimming trees or working in the vicinity of power lines. If power to an overhead line needs to be turned off in order to work safely, call Independence Power & Light at (816) 325-7550.

Inside a home, Ground Fault Current Interrupters (GFCIs) on outlets can help prevent serious injury by quickly cutting power. An electrical safety inventory inside the home may help identify potential electrical and fire hazards.

Check to make sure

  1. electrical cords are not running under rugs,
  2. electrical cords and plugs are in proper condition,
  3. electrical outlets are not overloaded,
  4. electric space heaters are away from combustible materials, etc.

To find out more, you may order informational booklets on the "Available Publications" section of the IPL web site or you can visit the web sites below which have extensive on-line information on home electrical safety.

Electrical Safety Foundation International at http://www.esfi.org/.
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at  http://www.cpsc.gov.