Power & Light

What We Do

 Have you ever thought about what goes into bringing power to our homes and businesses? Below are a few videos that give some insight into how electricity is generated and some of of the jobs at IPL. 

Inside Independence Inside Independence: Power & Light Department (a look at the job our lineman do everyday)

City Manager Job Shadow - IPL City Manager Job Shadowing – IPL (Highlights the Hazards our Lineman face) 

World's Largest Batteries World’s Largest Batteries (explains relationship between electrical demand and electrical generation)

Squirrels and the Power Grid Squirrels and the American Power Grid (Explains No. 1 cause of power outages in the US)

How Do Substations Work? How Do Substations Work (A thorough explanation of the purpose of substations)

Power Blackouts How Power Blackouts Work (highlights the importance of a good tree-trimming program)