Power & Light

Rates and Service Policies

Rate tariffs for the City of Independence Power & Light Department are established by City ordinance. The stable electric utility rates found in Independence are lower than the national average. Affordable electric service adds to the quality of life for residential customers and is attractive to businesses considering locating in Independence.

Rate Schedule

Schedule Designation

Effective Date

Residential Service RS-3 7/1/12
Residential Service - MR1 MR-1 10/1/20
Residential All Electric Home Service RS-4 7/1/12
Residential Space Heating MR-5 10/1/20
General Service GS-1 7/1/12
Large General Service LGS-1 7/1/12
Total Electric General Service TEGS 7/1/12
School Rate EDU-1 12/1/14
Church Rate CH-1 12/1/14
Large Power Service LP-2 7/1/12
General Service Electric Space Heating GSSH-1 7/1/12
Private Outdoor Lighting PL-3 7/1/12
Special Contract Large Interruptible Industrial Service SCIS-1 7/1/12
Power Supply Fuel-Energy Cost Adjustment FA-1 7/1/12
Customer-Generator Net Metering Contract Service NM-1 7/1/12
Economic Development Rider-5 EDR-5 9/1/14
Fuel Cost Adjustment Rate History    
Community Solar Rates CSP-1 8/1/16
Full Set of Rates    8/1/16


The information available here attempts to be materially the same, but should there be any discrepancies, in all cases the official tariffs on file will hold over these documents.