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Reliable help with our Automated Phone System

Although IPL would prefer to always give customers the opportunity to talk to a "real person", widespread outages sometimes make that impossible. In the case of outages affecting large numbers of customers, Independence Power & Light initiates an automated "high volume" phone system. This system allows IPL to take all incoming outage calls without putting customers on hold.

To Report an Outage Call (816) 325-7550

When you reach our automated system, please stay on the line and follow the instructions for reporting the outage.

IPL uses a computer system to track and locate outages, by using the phone number reported as the location of the outage. In order to identify the address for the location of your outage, we must have your current phone number for the location, and it must match to the phone number listed in our customer billing information system for that address.

If your phone number has changed, please take a moment to go to Utilities Online to verify that we have your current phone number or call customer service at (816) 325-7930.

Thank you for helping us to serve you better!