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IndependenceHELP Home Energy Loan Program

The HELP Process

Step 1: The Independence homeowner works with a contractor or qualified energy auditor to identify energy efficiency measures for the home. The homeowner may choose any contractor or qualified energy auditor. A list of program participating contractors and qualified energy auditors can be found at www.IndependenceHELP.org. These contractors and energy auditors have received detailed information about program requirements and forms. If the selected contractor or energy auditor is not on the list of program participants, they should call IPL at 325-7485 to get more detailed information on required forms and program rules before submitting a loan application. All contractors and energy auditors must have required licenses, permits and insurance required at the local, state and federal level to do the work, including a City of Independence business license, and must follow Independence HELP requirements.

Step 2: All homeowners must submit to IPL a completed Home Energy Loan Program application and a list of the energy efficiency measures to be installed. The project will require further review to assure compliance with NHPA. Homes built before 1965 or homes in a historic district may require NHPA compliance review.

Step 3: The homeowner submits a loan request by calling City Credit Union at 252-2415 (if not a City Credit Union member, the homeowner will need to come in to the City Credit Union to fill out membership forms). The City Credit Union will collect the necessary information to process the loan request including:

Project information and cost estimate from the contractor

  • Information to determine whether a loan will be approved. Work may not begin until the loan is approved (the loan limit is $15,000)

Step 4: City Credit Union notifies the homeowner and IPL of loan approval and the contractor installs eligible energy efficiency measures based on the Agreement between the homeowner and the contractor.

Step 5: When the work has been completed, the homeowner notifies IPL by calling 325-7485. IPL will schedule a time with the homeowner to complete the Certificate of Completion form. IPL may ask the customer to complete a short customer satisfaction survey. IPL does not assure quality of work performed.

Step 6: City Credit Union issues proceeds from the loan in a joint check to the homeowner and contractor and sets up the loan repayment process.

Important Note: If your contractor is not on the participating contractors list, please call 325-7485.

For more information, call 325-7485. For complete details, download the IndependenceHELP Fact Sheet.

Mail all correspondence to:
P.O. Box 1019
Independence, MO 64051-0519

You may fax forms to IPL at (816) 325-7470.

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