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IndependenceHELP Home Energy Loan Program

Qualified Projects

IndependenceHelp Eligible Measures List

The energy saving improvements listed below qualify for loans through the Independence Home Energy Loan Program. Owner-occupants of single family residences located in the City of Independence are eligible to participate in the Independence Home Energy Loan Program to finance contracted energy efficiency improvements for their home. Independence residents may apply for loans through City Credit Union. Follow this link for a list of Independence HELP Program participating contractors. Other measures may qualify if recommended through a qualified energy audit conducted by an Independence HELP Program qualified energy auditor. For more information, contact IPL at 325-7485.

Building Shell ImprovementsMinimum Efficiency Required
Replacement Exterior Doors Energy Star®
Replacement Windows Energy Star®
Air Sealing and Insulation  
ES Certification not required, provided that all
of the following must be completed:
--Air sealing of the home and ducts is performed, and  
--Ceiling insulation installed achieves R-38 or better*, and  
--Floor insulation installed achieves R-25 or better*, and  
--Wall insulation installed achieves R-15 or better*  
  *Unless structural limitations prevent achievement
of these insulation levels, in which instances the
maximum R-value that can be achieved is required.
HVAC Measures-Replacement 
Air Source Heat Pump Energy Star®
Central AC Energy Star®
Furnaces Energy Star®
Groundsource Heat Pumps (closed loop systems^) Energy Star®
Tier 1
Ceiling Fans Energy Star®
Programmable Thermostats  
Water Heating Measures-Replacement 
Water Heater (electric heat pump) Energy Star®
Water Heater (gas storage) Energy Star®
Water Heater (tankless) Energy Star®
Water Heater (solar+) Energy Star®
^Must be 5.5 ton capacity or smaller. This limitation also applies to
the whole house audit option.
+ Subject to IPL approval. Prior IPL approval also applies if measure recommended through the energy audit option.

The Independence HELP Program provides loans for energy efficiency upgrades to existing homes and does not provide loans for energy measures associated with new home construction, home additions or modifications to the building structure. Homeowners must sign a statement affirming that removed equipment and materials has be recycled or disposed in accordance with federal/state/local laws to the best of his or her knowledge.

For Energy Star (ES) specifications, go to www.EnergyStar.gov

Homeowners may select measures for an IndependenceHELP Program loan by placing a check in the box to the far right (after ENERGY STAR) in the corresponding row and then returning this sheet with the NHPA Form. For more information, contact IPL at 325-7485.

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Interested in MGE rebates? First, conduct a home energy audit using a certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR auditor and implement at least one of the qualifying improvements recommended by your auditor. Then, apply for HELP through Independence Power & Light. By following this process, you could qualify for up to $600 in bill credits from Spire!
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