Power & Light

At IPL, Customer Service is a Priority

Independence Power & Light is a municipal electric utility, established in 1901 to provide the residents and businesses of Independence with safe, reliable and affordable electric service.

In Independence, residents are not just utility customers; they are also the owners of the utility. Through the elected City Council, residents have a say in the policies and the rates by which IPL operates.

Local control, competitive rates and quick response to customer needs are some of the benefits of being served by a non-profit, municipal utility such as Independence Power & Light.

At IPL Customer Service is a priority. We deliver low rates and quality customer service because we have:

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  • Local Control — Community residents, through their locally elected officials, establish electric service policies and electric rates.
  • Local People — IPL employees live and work in the area. They understand the needs and goals of the community and respond quickly to serve customers and the community.
  • Local Ownership — Utility revenues stay in the community to meet local needs and keep rates low.