City of Independence, Missouri

Open Independence

Open Independence makes the wealth of public data available for public use. As a way to improve the accessibility, transparency, and accountability of City government, this catalog offers access to a repository of government-produced data sets.

Name Popularity Type
Building Permits
Building permits ussued in the last year.
5056 Data Set, API
Business Licenses
All active business licenses in the City of Independence.
3011 Data Set, API, Map
Crime Statistics
The most recent crime statistics.
All parks in Independence.
Property Maintenance Violations
All active property maintenance violation cases.
3075 Data Set, API
Restaurant Inspection Violations
All violations observed during food inspections in the last year.
4022 Data Set, API
Liquor Licenses
All active liquor licenses in the City of Independence.
2664 Data Set, API
All trails in Independence.
INsight Independence
A way to track performance measures for the City of Independence.