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2015-16 Sanitary Sewer Projects

Project Name: 2015-16 Sanitary Sewer Projects
Location: Multiple Sites


These sanitary sewer neighborhood projects includes three various sites. The first site, Blue Ridge Terrace south of 23rd Street, replaces two 6-inch mains along Blue Ridge Terrace with a single 8-inch main that will service all the properties along the current main. The project will reduce inflow and infiltration into the existing sanitary sewer mains. Alternates for this design re-align existing sanitary sewer main out from under two buildings. The second site, 40th Terrace and Spring Street, relocates an existing main out from under existing stormwater infrastructure, improving conveyance and access for maintenance. The third site, 24th Street east of Crysler, relocates the existing sanitary sewer mains out from under two houses. The project also replaces aged infrastructure, reducing inflow/infiltration into the collections system, and improves capacity in the sanitary sewer system.



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Project Status: In-Progress