Municipal Services

Right-of-Way Lateral Failure Repair Program

The Municipal Services Department has taken responsibility for the repair of sanitary sewer lateral failures which occur in the public right-of-way or sewer easement as a result of an amendment to City Code in early 1995. Repairs will be performed on laterals which have experienced structural failures, such as may be evidenced by surfacing sewage or a cave-in. Maintenance problems, such as root ingrowth and blockages, remain the responsibility of the property owner.

Sewer Maintenance Division (SMD) crews will investigate suspected lateral failures in the right-of-way.  Crews use testing procedures such as line smoking, dye testing and TV inspections to confirm a failure. Mapping and easement location information from Municipal Service's Engineering Division may be obtained to confirm the right of way/easement location and validate the repair for this program. Please call 816 325-7781 for assistance with right-of-way or easement information.

Initial discovery of a lateral failure may be made by the property owner. In such cases, the owner is required to provide proof of a failure by contacting a plumber to perform a line locator service which would indicate a structural failure is present in the right-of-way or sewer easement. This service will be necessary if there is no surfacing sewage or a cave-in which can be tested by SMD personnel.

For further information or to request an investigation, please contact SMD at (816) 325-7727.