City of Independence, Missouri

Proposed Recreational Marijuana Sales Tax - April 4, 2023

Photo of Marijuana plant with text "Opportunity to vote on local Recreational Marijuana Sales Tax April 4, 2023"


On April 4, 2023, Independence residents will have the opportunity to vote on a proposed 3% sales tax to be collected on purchases of recreational marijuana. 

  • A yes vote means – the voter approves the collection of the 3% local sales tax on recreational marijuana purchases made within the Independence city limits. The sales tax funds collected would be used for the needs of the Police, Fire, Dispatch, and Emergency Preparedness Departments within the City of Independence.
  • A no vote means – no local sales tax will be collected. 


Here are some of the ways the funds could be used if voters approve this sales tax:

Police Department: 

Prioritize the planning and design of a new public safety facility that will:

  • Address health and safety issues including water intrusion, electrical, and mechanical systems in various locations throughout the Independence Police Department Headquarters.
  • Address the ongoing need for space to house officers, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Address the ongoing need to house evidence and prisoners. 


  • Address staffing and retention needs within the division
  • Provide additional funds for training
  • Update equipment including radios and technology  

Fire Department:

  • Provide funding for the ARCH program beyond the current pilot program

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Update equipment and technology
  • Increase community and public outreach training, resources, and engagement.


Frequently asked questions:

Police Department:

  1. How much have we spent on repairs in the last 10 years?
    1. $2.5M since 2015
  2. How much will it cost to purchase the land?
    1. Based on the purchase price from 2014, approximately $700,000-$1M
  3. How much will it cost to build the facility?
    1. The current estimate for a Justice Center Building is approximately $80-90M. Design services are typically 10% of construction costs which would increase this cost to $88-99M. Please note, this is based on $600-675/sq ft construction costs.
  4. How much will it cost to maintain the facility?
    1. It costs approximately $225,000 a year to maintain the current IPD Headquarters.
    2. Approximately $.95 per square foot; or $123,000/yr. based on a 130,000 sq ft building
  5. What are the plans for the current facility ifIPD moved?
    1. Cities can use a variety of options to fill or sell City-owned property. This can include working with a developer to create a new use for the building and land it is on. The City is in the process of issuing a request for qualifications (RFQ) for Downtown Master Developer, the scope includes the current HQ, among other city-owned properties.
  6. How much is the sales tax estimated to receive annually? Is this thought to go up over time?
    1. Current estimates are based off medical marijuana sales:
      1. Low range: $270,000
      2. Mid-range: $440,000
      3. High range: $615,000
  7. What other funds can/will be used as part of this project?
    1. Cities have several options to help fund and maintain large projects. These include:
      1. General Obligation Bonds (commonly referred to as GO Bonds)                                          
      2. Community Improvement Districts (CID)
    2. Both of these items would require a vote of either the registered voters of Independence or property owners within the boundaries of a proposed CID.


Download a printable flyer here