Police Department

Barking Dogs

First Occurrence

Call the Barking Dog line at (816) 325-7213 or fill out the online form below. A letter is sent to the owner explaining the complaint and options on how to remedy the problem.

Future complaints

Complainant must come to the Independence City Hall on the lower level by courtroom to fill out the paperwork required to issue a ticket to the dog owner. You and the dog owner will need to appear in court to talk to the Judge about the problem. This can be done at anytime and the first step can be skipped. Please be specific about dates and times the dog was a nuisance to you.

Submit a Barking Dog Complaint

Please provide as exact an address for the alleged owner as possible.
Date of Violation: mm/dd/yyyy
Complainant Name:
Complainant Address:
Complainant Phone:
Alleged Owner Name:
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Complaint Description:
If possible, please provide specific dates and times