Police Department

Administration Services Division

Major Keith Leap
Administrative Division Commander










The Administrative Services Division is a diversified unit responsible for a wide variety of duties essential to the daily operations of the Police Department. The Division is comprised of the Fiscal Management Unit, the Training Unit, the Professional Standards Unit, the Public Information/Crime Prevention Unit, and the Research and Development Unit 


Fiscal Management Unit

The Fiscal Management Unit is supervised by the Fiscal Administrator. The Fiscal Administrator's staff is responsible for the overall financial activities of the Police Department. This includes the development of the operating budget for the Department; monitoring and administering the approved budget; long range financial planning and forecasting; capital outlays; and inventory control of all, equipment and supplies. All equipment and supplies for the Department are ordered through the Fiscal Unit.

A Police Grant Project Coordinator oversees all Department grant funding. Grants have become an increasingly important funding source for the Department providing manpower, equipment and vehicles. Currently there are approximately 16 grants managed by the Unit. The Police Grant Project Coordinator is responsible for assisting in the research necessary to apply for the grant and for all follow-up reporting required upon acceptance of the grant. Monthly progress reports are required on each grant. In addition, the Police Grant Project Coordinator must prepare fiscal reports for the grant agencies, tracking grant expenditures and matching funds.

Training Unit

The Training Unit is responsible for insuring that all personnel within the Independence Missouri Police Department maintain the highest levels of training.

The Training Unit is responsible for reviewing all Department training programs, developing new programs, and coordinating with other agencies and other training organizations to provide Department personnel with the highest quality of training available. This includes the development of a block training program attended by all sworn officers. The Training Unit is responsible for insuring that all officers maintain their State P.O.S.T. certification. In addition, the Training Unit oversees the Field Training Officer (FTO) program for all new officers, Civilian Employee Orientation, the Crime Prevention Unit and the Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS).

Professional Standards Unit

The Unit is responsible for the investigation and review of all new applicants for positions within the Police Department. Once a position opening occurs within the Department, the Professional Standards Unit works closely with the City's Human Resources Department to seek qualified applicants to fill that position. Job qualifications are reviewed and a job description is developed. The position is then advertised and applications are accepted. The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for overseeing this testing and for conducting background investigations into each applicant. Each year the Professional Standards Unit reviews more than 400 applications for law enforcement and civilian positions.

In addition to oversight of the hiring process, the Professional Standards Unit is responsible for the investigation of all citizen complaints. All internal investigations involving allegations of misconduct are coordinated through this unit. The Professional Standards Captain works directly under the Chief in investigating any allegation made regarding a Department member. By their nature, these investigations are very thorough and intensive.

Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer(s) serves as a central source of information for the media of newsworthy information. The Public Information Officer meets with police staff and media representatives to address news media requests and to provide updates on current investigations. In addition, the Public Information Officer responds to all major incidents and coordinates the release of information to the public. The department has two Crime Prevention Officers who responsibilities including coordinating adult crime prevention education, the neighborhood watch program and the Volunteers In Police Services program.  They also handle numerous community affairs related functions. Officers from this unit also operate and maintain the Department's social media capabilities including its Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube page.