Health Department

Temporary Event Health Permit Application

Effective May 1, 2018, all events taking place in Independence must be approved for a Special Event Permit unless approved prior to May 1 or governed by a separate agreement approved by the City Council. The application must be received 45 days prior to the event.


Does a Bake Sale Need a Temporary Event Health Permit?

Bake Sales operated by a non-profit organization that is selling only foods that do not require time or temperature control do not need a Temporary Event Health Permit. However, a sign indicating that the products were prepared in a home kitchen that is not permitted by the City of Independence Health Department should be posted. The Health Department should also be notified of any Bake Sales at 816-325-7803.

How do you get a Temporary Event Health Permit?

Apply for a Temporary Event Health Permit online. Applications must be received at least five business days prior to the scheduled event. The fee for all Temporary Event Health Permits is $50.  Application received less then five business days prior to the scheduled event will have to pay a $25 late fee.

  • The online application will require you to upload either your City of Independence Business License or a non-profit exemption letter from the Business Licensing Division, or:
  • Federal or State non-profit documents and a letter addressed to the Business Licensing Division requesting non-profit status.

Applications can also be processed in person, by mail or by fax to 816-7770. Download the Temporary Event Health Permit. Please provide a copy of your active City business license or a non-profit exemption letter from the City’s Business Licensing Division.

  • City itinerant (temporary) Business License can be obtained online.
  • A non-profit exemption letter can be obtained in person from the Business Licensing Division of the Finance Department located on the second floor of City Hall, 111 E. Maple Ave, Independence, Missouri, 816-325-7079. There is no charge for the letter verifying non-profit status.
  • You will need to submit Federal or State non-profit documents and a letter requesting exemption from Business Licensing requirements addressed to the Finance Department.

Exception: Certain large organized events may be exempt from acquiring a license/exemption. Check with the event coordinator for more information.

What will happen after the Temporary Health Permit Application is processed?

An inspector will meet you at the event site to conduct a pre-opening inspection 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. Please, have your event completely set-up and ready to pass inspection. Pending a passing inspection, the Temporary Event Health Permit will be issued on-site. No food preparation or distribution should be started before the inspection has been completed. For questions, please call 816-325-7803 Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm.

Guidelines for a Temporary Event