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Pipe Worker

Open Until Filled
$26.754 - $28.204

Installs pipe, pipe fittings, valves, fire hydrants, and appurtenances in the Transmission and Distribution Division of the Water Department.  Digs out for thrust blocks, hydrant settings and fittings.  Carries heavy materials such as concrete blocks, thrust pads, valve box materials, valves, and fittings to the job site.  Operates sledge hammers and other hand-operated breakers and power equipment such as pipe saws, grinders and chain saws.  Loads pipe and other material onto trucks.  Uses large pry bar to push pipe joints together; pick to break out asphalt and hard dirt; and a jackhammer to break concrete, asphalt, streets, and drives.  Pours concrete for thrust blocks, driveways, sidewalks, and other projects.  Pulls and turns key for opening and closing valves.  Operates crew trucks and other vehicles as required.  Performs other related duties.

Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent.  Experience in the installation of pipe, pipe fittings, valves and fire hydrants desired.  Must possess a valid Class B Commercial Driver’s License.  Must obtain knowledge of the department’s manual of safety regulations, guidelines and programs within three months.  Ability to read and interpret valve plat, operate mobile radio equipment and communicate with the public and co-workers over the radio or in person.  Skilled in the use of manual and pneumatic hand tools.  Must complete required NIMS level training within first six months of hire.

Physical Demands: Ability to climb in and out of confined spaces; shovel and dig; and bend and/or lift 75 lbs., plus or minus 25 lbs.

Typical Working Conditions: Outdoor conditions of extreme heat and cold and varying weather conditions.

Hours of Work:  7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

In addition to the application, testing and/or examinations may be required for further consideration on this position.

Apply online at  Position Open Until Filled.


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