Human Resources

Municipal Judge

6/1/2020 by 5:00pm
$5,652 monthly rate

This position is appointed by the mayor to the City of Independence Municipal Court.  The municipal court shall have jurisdiction of all cases involving violations of the provisions of the ordinances of the city and power to assess punishment as provided, and such other jurisdiction as may be conferred by law or ordinance.  The municipal court may punish contempts of court to the same extent as is authorized by law or rule for the circuit court of Jackson County, Missouri, and may include confinement in jail as punishment; may enforce its process, orders, and judgments in the same manner as the circuit court of Jackson County, Missouri, may issue warrants of arrest; may issue search warrants or warrants for search and seizure as authorized by law for circuit judges or magistrates, directed to the chief of police or other members of the police department, upon application of the city counselor or assistant city counselor; may summon and compel the attendance and recognizance or cash bond of witnesses and the production of books, papers, documents, other documentary evidence not privileged by law, and other effects as evidence; may administer oaths and affirmations; may summon and compel the attendance of jurors, who shall be selected in the same manner as jurors in magistrate court; may pass upon the competence, relevance, and the admissibility of evidence; may adjudge and require the abatement of nuisances as defined by law or ordinance, and declare the costs of such abatement to be alien upon the premises concerned and subject to sale as provided by law or ordinance; and may render final judgment on any forfeited bond or recognizance returnable to such court; and have such other powers and duties as may be provided by law or ordinance.  The municipal judge shall, upon convictions, fix the amount of fine or imprisonment, or both, and costs within the limits provided by the charter or ordinance, and shall have power to grant stays of execution and bench paroles, to suspend sentence and to place defendants on probation.

Minimum Qualifications: Duly licensed attorney of the State of Missouri and shall have resided at least four years preceding his/her appointment in the city or in territory annexed and included in the city.

Drug Testing; Background check

In addition to the application, testing and/or examinations may be required for further consideration on this position.

Please complete the ON-LINE APPLICATION at and print out the additional MUNICIPAL JUDGE APPLICATION by selecting this link, and return the original and four copies of this application, including the supplemental questions and affidavit to Rebecca Behrens, City Clerk, City of Independence, 111 East Maple, Independence, Missouri 64050, no later than 5 p.m.,  June 1, 2020.


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