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Apartment Complex and Multi-Family Residence Grilling and Open Flame Policy and Regulation

The Independence Fire Department wants your help in reducing the risk and devastating effects of a fire caused by grilling on or near a deck or balcony of an apartment complex. As the weather turns to summer and the idea of grilling outside comes to mind, the incidents of apartment balcony fires increase. Cities across the Nation, just like ours, have experienced this very real and tragic event.

In January 2013 the City Council officially adopted the 2012 International Fire Code (2012 IFC). The 2012 edition has added language to address grilling and open flame cooking on balconies of an apartment complex or multi-family residence. The 2012 IFC is a key component in our community for life and property safety. The fire code has been put in place to help protect our community from the tragic loss of life and the high financial cost associated with apartment fires.

 It is the policy of the Independence Fire Department to enforce City Ordinance, Council adopted 2012 IFC compliance through a system of education, warning and issuing of General Ordinance Summons (GOS).

 It is the intention of the Independence Fire Department to remind apartment property owners and tenants to be vigilant in upholding this code which prohibits grilling or open flame on or near balconies. 

The Independence Fire Department recommends that apartment property owners and/or managers make the education of this important fire code part of the rental agreement. Tenants found violating this fire code will be charged a fine of not more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) and/or possible imprisonment not more than six (6) months.

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