Fire Department

Outreach Opportunities and Presentations

Community Outreach/Volunteer Recruitment

Educating the public about disaster preparedness is a key part of our mission. This may be done through presentations to community groups or information booths at public events.

Volunteer recruitment goes hand in hand with community outreach. Spreading the word about volunteer opportunities is vital to ensuring we are ready and capable of responding when needed.

These tasks are typically addressed by our Membership Support section.  

Outreach and Volunteer recruitment can include presentations on:

  • What is Emergency Preparedness? and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Basic Emergency Preparedness
  • Severe Weather Preparedness and Awareness
  • Personal and Family Preparedness

Anyone is welcome to request a presentation, and we highly encourage groups and businesses in our jurisdiction to schedule presentations to help better prepare their members and employees for disasters.

Presentations can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, but can be tailored to what you would like covered and how much time you have. Free pamphlets and door giveaways can be done as well to help engage the audience.

For more information on scheduling presentations and outreach classes, contact the Emergency Preparedness Division manager, Dante Gliniecki, via email or call directly at (816) 325-7133.