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Question 2 - Proposition P Update

On November 2, City of Independence residents will have the option to vote on two ballot measures related to the Independence Police and Fire Departments respectively. This page goes over information related to the Proposition P Update.

What a yes vote means?

A yes vote, would allow the Independence Police Department to use funds collected through the online Use Tax previously passed in 2019 to be used for new and current Police Department personnel and equipment.

A yes vote does not increase the Use Tax or change funding dedicated to the no-kill animal shelter or decrease number of police personnel.

What a no vote means?

A no vote, would maintain the current approved usage of the funds from Proposition P.

Sample Ballot Language:

Shall the local use tax currently imposed by the City of Independence, Missouri, which is dedicated to a no-kill animal shelter and funding additional police officers, be amended to allow for the funding of all police department personnel and equipment? Voting in favor of this question will not result in any tax increase or change the funding dedicated to the no-kill animal shelter.

Where are we today?

  • Currently there are 199 sworn officers, however 21 of those officers are in training.
  • Proposition P, approved in 2019, allows for 230 sworn officers.
  • On average, approximately 12 officers are on long-term light duty, military leave or FMLA at any given time.
  • Within the next 5 years, 49 officers are eligible for full retirement.

Why is this being considered now?

As indicated by the City’s updated Strategic Plan, Independence for All, and a recent budget survey public safety is a continued area of focus and concern for residents. Ongoing challenges include:

  • Recruitment at both national and local level.
  • Growing number of calls for service.
  • Nature of calls requires more personnel and time to resolve.
  • Increasing cost of technology and equipment needed for officers.
Cost to recruit one officer. Total cost - approximately $146,700

Find printable flyer with this information here.