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Special Events

As part of the City's strategic plan Independence for All, the City of Independence has created the Special Event permitting application and rules to implement an improved process to better track and respond to citizen requests and attract and retain visitors to the City’s historic sites, amenities and eventsThis unified process will allow those holding a special event in Independence to complete a single application, which will be shared with all departments, instead of being sent to multiple departments for separate permit applications.  Under this new system, a special event is any activity to be held in a single location on, or on a route throughout, city streets, sidewalks, parking lots, public parks and nature sanctuaries, rights-of-way, or on or within other city property or facilities, that involves a non-traditional or non-routine use of the property  Examples of a special event include, but are not limited to, block parties, fundraisers, festivals, circuses, concerts, parades, public performances, races or other similar gatherings. A special event may also be a gathering on private property if there is a significant impact on city resources, traffic, public property, or other public infrastructure.


Starting May 1, 2018, all events taking place in Independence must be approved for a Special Event Permit unless approved prior to May 1 or governed by a separate agreement approved by the City Council. All event organizers must complete the Special Event Application to be approved for a Special Event Permit and follow all rules outlined in the Special Event Guidelines.  If the same event will be held multiple times throughout the year at the same location, the event organizer may complete a single application with each date listed.  Please contact or 816-325-7183 if you have questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions - This will give you basic information about different event requirements, departments who permit and approve different types of events, and contact persons for specific information and questions.

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