Economic Development

Community Profile

Independence is an exciting pro-business community.  Located just east of Kansas City, Missouri and positioned strategically at the crossroads of I-70 and I-470, where approximately 150,000 cars pass each day the City has become the regional retail, office and medical power center of Eastern Jackson County.

The development of the Little Blue Parkway, a new thoroughfare connecting the eastern portion of the City from I-70 to 24 Highway will open 38 miles of land for development.  It is estimated that by the year 2020, the Little Blue Valley will be home to an additional 20,000 people and 5,000 new office, industrial and retail jobs.

In the heart of the City, Historic Independence Square is undergoing a renaissance with substantial increase in private investment and a planned restoration of the Historic Jackson County Courthouse.  The traditional town square offers unique shops, restaurants, loft-style apartments and a newly renovated cinema and bowling alley.

Independence by the Numbers

Number of Households
Average Household Size
Average Household Income
Median Household Income
Per capita Income
Average Age
Approximately 53% of the residents are in the “Household and Family Formation” (25 to 44) and “Peak Earning” (45 to 64) years
Median housing value of owner-occupied units

Retail Potential

Retail Potential for retail services, including eating and drinking places is $1.74 billion

Retail Potential for food away from home is $159 million

Retail Potential for food at home is $210 million

Retail potential for household furnishings is $43 million

Retail potential for apparel is $71 million

Low Cost Business Environment

Independence has a history of a pro-business attitude. Its low cost environment is a natural incentive to companies looking to expand or relocate. Independence has the third lowest property tax rate in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Additionally, the City does not tax on personal property, including machinery and equipment. The City tax structure coupled with the many affordable housing options makes it the best value in the Metro for working and living.


Located in the geographic center of the United States and served by one of the best transportation networks in the country, Independence is a natural for national and regional distribution facilities. The Kansas City metropolitan area has more lane miles of freeway per capita than any other metro area in the United States. Not only does our excellent location and transportation infrastructure assist in moving product across the country easier and quicker, but it keeps commute times short and provides easy access to labor and services. The exceptional transportation network is not only a convenience for area residents and workers, but it also helps lower the cost of doing business. Recently Texas A&M University estimated that the economic cost of traffic delays in the Kansas City metropolitan area is among the nations lowest. Two rail lines, three interstates and five state highways serve Independence. The City is located just 25 minutes from Kansas City International Airport.

Break down of Independence Transportation Infrastructure

32.32 miles of railroads
8.92 miles of interstate
46.38 miles of highways
Major Interstate I-435, I-70, I-470
Major Railroads Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific


Creating the educated workforce of the future is a priority for the Independence Community. The City is supported by four award winning public school districts. Independence is home to four colleges to support the higher education needs of our citizens.

K-10 Public Schools

Independence School District
Blue Springs School District
Fort Osage School District
Raytown School District


Metropolitan Community College Blue River Campus
Graceland University
Park University
National American University